I Don’t Like Reading the Bible

As a pastor of a Baptist church, you might be thinking that I should not be writing this blog for the world to see. My job could be at risk. However, I would like to explain. My wife Linda reads through the Bible every year. Every Year! She has a reading plan that she enjoys … Continue reading I Don’t Like Reading the Bible

The Wife of a Pastor

The pastor’s wife normally is seen in the background of most churches. These dedicated women of God have been thrust into a lifestyle and conditions not of their own choosing. And yet, behind every good pastor, is a good pastor’s wife.
I personally believe that I have been given by God, the best wife.

Life Was Simpler Then

As I grew up in the outskirts of Denver Colorado, life was simpler than it is today. Growing up in the 1950’s—60’s the world seemed so far away from Greewood Boulevard. When I was in grade school (they call it elementary school today) my greatest joy was getting home and riding my bike. My bike … Continue reading Life Was Simpler Then

Arky, Arky

I worked with the children’s church for a while during this time. I would act silly and teach the children wonderful stories out of the Bible as well as songs that contained a message and a catchy tune so it would be easy for the kids to remember. “Zacchaeus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he.” And, “God said to Noah, go build me an arky, arky.” Those were such good times and I enjoyed teaching stories and songs for these kids to take out into the world with them.

A “Do Over”

There is something exhilarating about beginning something new. A new school. A new job. A new career or a new relationship, they all have the same effect…it’s a “Do Over.” When I was in high school, I took an art class and one of the projects was working with clay. Once you got over the … Continue reading A “Do Over”

Let Freedom Ring

Have you ever taken your freedom for granted? The greatest sacrifice is one laying down his life for another. We should remember the importance of Independence Day as a struggling group of people were united into a nation as they declared their Independence from Great Britain.