Political Correctness in the Church

I'm happy with the term Sunday school. I guess “life groups” is fine for some, but I like Sunday school. I'm not ready to go to war over using Sunday school or life groups, but I do not understand changing a person's position from "sinner” to “pre-Christian.” What is wrong with the word sinner? After all “sinner” is used everywhere in Scripture. I don't see one instance in the Bible, where the word ”pre-Christian” is used.

“Dementia = Euthanasia”

Since 1973 we have become insensible to the fact that we are murdering the un-born. What is next on the agenda, the elderly? If so, at what age or medical/mental conditions would we select people to be led to the slaughter? Would people be in jeopardy if they had dementia or Alzheimer’s? Would that fall under the category of “unwanted or inconvenient”?