The Person and Nature of Christ

Who is this Jesus Christ and what was his mission? Is he God? What was the purpose of His life on earth? I will try to answer these questions today. Christ is the preexistent, eternal Son of God. He took upon Himself our humanity, and ministered on the earth in His incarnate body.

Can Jesus be found in Every Book of the Bible?

After His resurrection, Jesus met two discouraged and forlorn men on the road to from Jerusalem to Emmaus . In their minds, a great teacher and rabbi had been killed and lost. And like sheep that are lost without their shepherd, they needed to be tended. Jesus took the opportunity to teach them that Christ could be found in all the scriptures.

Let Freedom Ring

Have you ever taken your freedom for granted? The greatest sacrifice is one laying down his life for another. We should remember the importance of Independence Day as a struggling group of people were united into a nation as they declared their Independence from Great Britain.