Is there ‘life after life’?

 Revelation 21:1-2 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

Many people will read the title and pass on the blog. They will do this because they already have an opinion about whether there is ‘life after life.’ There are those who believe that when you draw your last breath, that life, in all forms, is over. There is nothing else, no afterlife whatsoever. While others believe that if they are good in this life that they will come back as another being on this earth. Mainline Christianity believes that there is ‘life after life’. For those that follow Christ’s teachings and accept Him as their Savior, ‘life after life’ is known as heaven.

As a boy, I often wondered about what the afterlife would be like. I thought of what I would do in heaven. What would heaven be like? What would I do all day? Would I be allowed to play baseball or football or tetherball? Would we have baseball trading cards in heaven? Would I spend my time just gathered around the throne of God? What does a boy do around the throne of God anyway? Could I run, jump, skip, play tag with all the other children or would I not be allowed to make any noise at all? Would I have chores that I would need to do, make my bed, carry out the trash and even have to take a bath? Would I be given tasks by the angels or God Himself? And how long does it take you to get used to flying with those wings?

Those were some of the thoughts I pondered as a young boy. When the subject comes up, I find that everybody has a different opinion about what heaven would be like. After all, if heaven is supposed to be this utopia, then you would think it would be centered on your greatest wishes of what that life would be. Right?

For some heaven would be sitting out on your wooden patio deck, sipping on a large sweetened tea while listening to the wind rustling through the pine trees. In the background you can hear the sounds of a babbling brook. The sun would be bright, a perfect 75°F with a slight breeze. As you look beyond the trees surrounding your mountain property, you can see the ocean on the horizon with its waves and whitecaps. And all day, you would relax and enjoy your surroundings. No alarm clock going off at 5:30 AM. No deadlines to meet. No boss yelling at you, just a wonderful comfortable bliss.

Others may picture heaven as that early-morning walk through the dewy grass. You are surrounded by the beauty of trees and shrubbery. You are accompanied by great friends. The morning sun is just breaking through the trees as you bend over to firmly place your golf ball on the number one tee. Through the day, every swing of the driver would be down the middle of the fairway. Every iron you use would be the perfect shot. Your short game will put the ball just inches from the cup. Every putt would be a single putt. Every round would be perfect. No need for mulligan’s here.

As I talk with others, they believe heaven will be like walking to the shore of your favorite lake, getting into your boat and shoving off from the dock. The temperature would be in the low 80s and the sun will be shining. As you make your way to your favorite “honey hole”, you are filled with excitement. You make your first cast and as the lure hits the water you hook your first 5 pound largemouth bass. The bass leaps out of the water, shaking his tail and head, letting you know you’re in for a fight. Every cast, you catch a fish. Every fish is a record breaker. As you make your way back to the dock, the thought comes to your mind that tomorrow will be exactly the same.

Many things have changed since I was a small boy. My thoughts of heaven are no longer centered on me, but on Jesus sitting on His throne.

The Bible describes the New Heaven and New Earth like this;

 • No more tears

• No more death

• No sorrow, crying or pain

 • The beauty of the twelve gates of pearl

• The walls of the new Jerusalem are made of jasper stone and the city is made of pure gold

 • There will be no need of the sun as Jesus will be the light

• There will be a pure river running from the throne of God

• The Tree of Life will be in the city

I long to sing with the four beasts in Revelation 4:8 “…Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.”

Is there ‘life after life?’   I would really like to know what you think the afterlife will be like.

Please leave your comments.

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Pastor Bob Crowder

My wife, Linda, and I live in central Texas. I am a pastor, teacher, writer and blogger. We have three children and nine grand children, two great grand son's.

5 thoughts on “Is there ‘life after life’?”

  1. I believe heaven will be so incredible that even if it were someting that could be described to us in the here and now, our minds could not comprehend it because there would be nothing here to compare it to. It will be absolute perfectness!

    Being there is no marriage in heaven my wife always worries about not being with me in heaven. I always tell her she’ll still my gal and not to worry about it becasue God has it all taken care of even though I’ll be busy talking to Moses and all the others.


  2. Heaven-

    Two paramount and undeniable verities reign in relation to
    the Word of God and how it approaches any particular
    subject it chooses to illuminate; be it according to revelation,
    explanation, or manifestation.
    God’s unveiling of any item of interest to us is always
    two-fold to the point: it is Partial and it is Complete.
    It is partial to the point of keeping us safe from knowing
    what we would not understand; were He to unfold just a bit more than He has, it would be information without
    justification and contradictory to the very reason He
    delivered His Holy Word to us anyway. He has revealed exactly all his truth seekers need to know living this side
    the veil.
    Also, God’s unveiling is complete. It is whole, without
    error, not subservient to extra-Biblical revelation, perfect,
    practical yet mysterious, scientifically sound, historical,
    as authoritative on eternity future as it is on the
    definable past, inspirational, transcendent yet harmonious
    to nature, legislatively balanced, universal in its appeal,
    complex yet simple, stimulating the mind yet stirring the soul,
    ancient yet applicable, wisdom set even to the lowest shelf
    within reach of the simple, deep to the dregs of inexhaustibility, thorough yet concise, intent upon love,
    candid, and focused on that and only that which pertaineth
    to God about man and what man needs to know about his
    It always comes down to the following three things:
    1. God is Holy and man is separated from Him because we
    have disobeyed Him, 2. Jesus has provided a way for our
    fellowship to be restored, 3. How we respond to Jesus will
    determine our current and future welfare.
    When I think about what Heaven will be like, there are
    certainly some interesting things that come to mind.
    I believe the instant we transport to Glory, all mystery
    will vanish! Have you ever wondered why we have to go
    through this world at all and why God has allowed this
    thing we call life to even exist? I believe that one second
    after being ushered in to the presence of Christ “over there”
    we will immediately understand by celestial epiphany.
    This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.
    One thing I know for sure, to be absent from the body is to
    be present with the Lord, which means-I will no longer be
    bound in the realms of corruption (without temptation,
    physical pain, disappointment, despair, fear, worry, remorse,
    regret, spiritual struggling, and all those things common to
    the sons of Adam); I will get to see Jesus my Blessed
    Redeemer-face to face-and what a joy that will be; and I
    will be reunited with my loved ones who out-stripped me
    in time to be there in that glorious place forever and ever.
    Not a day goes by, gazing upon my wife, I feel inexplicable
    emotions of love and compassion for her. Sometimes I’ll
    look at Karen and say, “honey-I’m so grateful to know your
    name is written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life; that means
    I will always know you, we will always be friends, and what
    we have in and with each other today is nothing to be com-
    pared to what “God has prepared for those who love Him”,
    and that certainly includes you and me.
    Whatever it is beyond this side the veil of revelation,
    it shall be GREAT and that without END.

    Monty May


  3. Woops-

    It was too early in the morning for that one I suppose.
    CORRECTION on Monty May’s blog-“Not a day goes by”
    should have read…”Each day that goes by”,
    I said the exact opposite thing I meant to say.
    Did I fail to mention that I will not be goofing up on
    any grammatical issues in Heaven?

    Monty/Mr. Magoo
    A.W.Tozer is in Heaven right now, but his body is rolling
    over in his grave, and Karen is going to be wishing I had
    said something like this: you’ll still BE my gal.


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